Friday, 23 October 2009

Ages ago I bought a ‘The Max Volume Flash Mascara’ ( ) , and then a bit ago I got the ‘No7 Extravagant Lashes’ ( ), with this I got a free palette.
I’ve been using the No7 mascara and I’m really not into it, it separates my lashes, making me have five single skinny lashes, and no matter how much I layer, or which way I apply it, it seems to make nooooooooo difference. I’m kind of gutted because I usually like No7 products, however I did get the free palette which I love so not all pointless. I got the Max mascara before No7 but stopped because I wanted to try out the new one, it’s a bit clumpy now but I’ve gone back to it because it is so much better, great length, makes the stand out and was cheap(ish).
To try and get rid of the clumpy-ness I heated the tube with a hairdryer which is apparently suppose to soften the fibres and make it easier to apply (got this trick from More magazine which has a page dedicated to this kind of stuff, I find loads of good ideas here)
Anyway, so I am liking Max Mascara and not liking No7

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