Sunday, 4 October 2009

A Moment in the Life of a Dope!

Wake up; bored. Wander round the house for a bit; see a top that I want to wear tomorrow on the ironing pile. Decided I’ll do it, I’ve nothing better to do after all.
Arrange it on the ironing board, plug in the iron, and begin.
Half a second late: ‘’OH ****’’
Apparently 100% polyester + hot iron =

Begin laughing hysterically and decided I’d better ring my mum now and hope she’s in a good mood:
‘’Mum, you might be about to shout at me…’’
‘’You know my grey silky top, well I thought I would iron it’’
‘’Oh no, Sarah’’
‘Yeah… well now there’s a hole in it’’
‘’Oh, you have to use the minimal amount of temperature, and even then barely even touch the material!’’
‘’Yeah, so I realise’’

It wasn’t too bad, no shouting, no true rage; Still cant stop laughing when I look at it though :D
WARNING: If you’re a bit on the rubbish side with domestics, STAY AWAY FROM THE IRON!!



  1. Oh no! That's totally crap!!! Last time I did that I was trying to iron a swimming costume. In my defence I was 7 years old, but I ruined my mum's expensive iron...

  2. Hi Sarah.
    LOL although ruining your top is horrible it is incredibly funny :)
    I hope is wasn't expensive...
    Yer there is so many options for a contest prize...i'm thinking maybe a little MAC and sorts and then some skin care.

  3. Ha ha thats hilarious, sorry about the top though. I totally hate ironing so I almost never buy anything that needs it :)