Saturday, 3 October 2009

''I can't go out with you tonight; I have to wash my hair'' :P

I've been hearing about hair masks a lot lately which I never even knew existed, and I read some stuff on the internet about your own make-shift hair masks, with bananas, and honey and lots of other stuff, but I did it with my TRESemme Thermal Recovery which is ''intensive repair and rehydration treatment'' for ''dried-out, damaged hair''. I usually use this for about 5minutes anyway but from what I've read people put foil on their hair and it’s supposed to hold in the heat(?) I don't know, go research into it :) Anyway, I put this on and then covered my hair with cling film (we didn't have any foil in the house, and yes it looked very stupid) and left it for about 15minutes. When my hair was dry it did feel softer but I can't be sure if that was to do with the amount of time I left it on for or because of the cling film...? So basically, if you have the ingredients and the foil try it out.
(loads of ideas here)

My hair is damaged from drying and straightening, and dyeing so I am really looking for ways of trying to rescue it; anything that helps even a little I’ll give it ago. Let me know if anyone has really good tactics that they use or great products that they buy… :D


  1. my hair could use some help as well from all the styling. i think i will have to try a mask:)

  2. I tend to put mine on dry hair - mostly the ends and just put one of those towelling hat things on, you know the ones that you can buy that look like the towel turban that you can twist a regular towel into? Or I collect the shower caps you get free in hotels, as trying to put cling film on your head is really hard! Hope the masks work well for you x

  3. I use clingfilm then a towel over. The clingfilm keeps the conditioner on your hair, the towel retains the heat coming off your scalp. I never use e.g a hair dryer because too much heat defeats the point.