Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I'm ill and thoughts I do a mini haul.

I got Rimmel London Renew and Lift for £3.99 and it said it retailed at £8 so thats good, I got colour Porcelain 101 and so far so good. I've not tried it properly yet but will say if I don't like it like my Elite foundation. It says its a 'time reverse complex', but I don't think at 17 I'm really in the need for that, I heard good things about this after going checking it out on the internet.

Then I got Maybelline Lipstick colour Candied Apple number E185. I've been wanting to get a red for a bit now, to try it out and see whether I could ever pull it off, and for £1.50 I thought it was worth the risk. From what I can tell its not too drying but I usually put a lip balm on before I put my lipstick on just as a hope it help prevents drying; I think it works, my lips aren't nearly as dry as they were before I started doing that.
In the pictures I know it looks orange but thats just my stupid camera

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  1. Lovely color!

    Great blog! I will def. be back!