Sunday, 23 August 2009

Testing Tans

I got myself two of these mitts from Boots for £1.71 and they were £3.42, a bargain I think :)
St. Moriz is being talked about in lots of blogs so I thought I'd give it a try and see if it works on my (as previously mentioned) pale skin. So I tried it and it is great!!! I've even had a two baths and you can still kinda of see it, much paler now but
still impressive. It only cost me £2.99 as well so I am very happy (me and my sister are planning on stocking up so you might want to buy it before we get there). It was dead simple to put on with the mitt and basically you just spread it as evenly as you can. I did have a bit of uneveness(?) on my wrists but thats just my lack of skills. They sell this in quite a few places, I found it on my favourite makeup stall in Bury but my sister (check out her blog) had found it cheaper at T. J Hughes so I got it from there.
I got this the same day and it was from TK maxx and I cant remember exactly how much it cost but it was about £3 so thats why I bought it. You can usually find quite a lot of good stuff at TK maxx because a lot of it is designer expensive stuff that they sell off cheaper.
I dont know whether you can see the name properly on the picture so its 'Geltan Self Tanning Gelee' and mine is light-medium and it contains Organic Aleo Vera.
Have yet to try this but when I get round to it I will let anyone who is interested know
'Unique Trends' is having a really generous give away, check out for the chance to win her $100 Forever 21 Gift Card.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My new rings

And these are my.... new rings!!

I got both of them from Accessorize for a £10 each. I also desparately wanted a ring that cost £15 but I stopped myself before I went a bit crazied. I could spend soo much money in that shop!!
Anyway this ring is to join my new pearl obsession selection (I now have two pairs of pearl earrings, a necklace and two bracelets). I never really liked pearls, but I have seriously gone to the other side lately and I cant get enough of them.
The second one is little diamond lookalikes that it really pretty and simple, I got this one because I am attracted like moths to lights to shiny, shimmering things :P

My two favourite necklaces

The love heart necklace was a present from my Grandma and so I cant help you in tracking that one down. The other one is from my mum, also a present, but it is from Ernest Jones.
I dont know how much either of them cost but I love them so much. The one my mum got me is so simple I can wear it with everything all the time and the one my Grandma got me is so eye catching, people are always commenting on it.
Anyway so just wanted to show them off because I like I said I love them so much.

Chocolate nail vanish e.l.f

So this is the chocolate nail vanish that I wasnt too sure about but I do actually kind of like it (in a weird way). It dried really quickly even though I put on more than two coats. That was a problem though because with just one coat you could still see my nail and it just looked strange. But my verdict is that I think it would look really good with the right clothes, like a white/ light beige coloured top or jacket.

continuing the E.L.F haul...

(From left to right)

The first product in the picture is a Conditioning Lip Balm. Its in a really cute little tubeand it smells and tastes really yummy (its Strawberry Creme). I put it on this morning and it stayed on for quite a while and did seem to soft up my chapped lips. It cost£1.50

The other four little cases in the picture are my custom Lips, I got to choose which colours I wanted, (again from left to right and first row then bottom) it is Cinnamon, Nude Blush, Earth Rose and Peaches and then the black box contains my Custom Compact which cost £1.50. The Custom Lips themselves were supposed to cost £1.50 but they were half price so I got them for £0.75 :D.

So, the green packet in the only Eye Shadow Cream that I bought, and its Mocha Swirl and is a really lovely colour.
It is a very creamy formula so that should hopefully go on really well. I will let you know about that. Cost £1.50

The second one is my Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (and I know that I said I cant use them but I still refuse to give in altogether) plus it only cost me £1.50 :D

The yellow packet is my Tone Correcting Concealer which has a sponge applicator. It cost £1.50 and is colour fair. I've already tried it today on the darker colour under my eyes. It has a orange colour to it when first putting it on but once spread in it matches my skin colour. It doesnt work as well as some of the other products I use and doesnt last all day but for £1.50 I wasnt really expecting it too.

It did even out my colour and I'm sure if you applied a bit more of it it would work well enough, especially if your then going to apply Foundation, which today I didnt.

The second one is my Sheer Foundation SPF15 (Tone 2) which I havent yet tried but I am assuming that it will work similarly to the Correcting Concealer. It also says its a Tinted Moisturizer so we'll see about that.

These are my two nail vanishes, colours Chocolate and Burgundy. I got the Chocolate because on the site it looked like a nail vanish my sister had that I borrowed (Stole without her knowledge) because it was very pretty but it doesnt look like its going to look anything alike, but might still be good. I will be testing them really soon.
Both cost £1.50.

Also, if you buy over £30 of items (which I did with my sister also getting some things) you get free delivery which is good.


E.L.F Haul !!!! :D (Eyes, Lips and Face)

I got some e.l.f products through today which I order on Sunday, came through very quickly which I love as I am very excited about them.
These are the selection of brushes that I bought. (from left to right)

Foundation Brush
Concealer Brush
Eye Shadow Brush
Smudge Eye Sponge
Small Angled Brush
Powder Brush

I already have a Foundation Brush but I don't think you can have too many (unless you literally have too many) and it only cost £1.50
Then I got my Concealer Brush because I put my concealer on nowadays but everyone seems to promote doing it with a brush instead, and it only cost £1.50
Ditto with my Eye Shadow Brush, which also cost £1.50
My Smudge Eye Sponge I am excited about using because when your blending different eye shadows together it will give it a less constructed look, less hard. Cost £1.50
My Small Angled Brush I got for a specific reason. For the life of me I cannot put eyeliner on. I have watched tutorials and tutorials about how to do you eyeliner but I just can't master it... so I've got the angled brush because I can instead put a dark eye shadow on it and spread it where I would put my eyeliner :o), it cost £3.50
I got the Powder Brush simply because the brushes I use for my bronzer is too small so I am hoping this will work better. Cost £3.50
So there all the brushes that I got, I will review how good they are once I given them a proper go.
I also got loads more from e.l.f which I will do a blog on but I am going out, I just wanted to do a quick one now.

Oh, by the way, nearly everything from e.l.f either costs £1.50 or £3.50 which is great. The only things I found that cost more was when you are buying a set of e.g. brushes together which cost more. I think I'm going to be liking e.l.f cosmetics

Monday, 17 August 2009

This is my foundation. Lacura ''10 transparent'', I got it from ALDI for £2.59, very cheap I know but don't reject it just yet. Its very creamy and easy to spread and does give a even base.
Granted it doesn't last ALL day but for a couple of hours at college where I'm not too fussed about how I look as long as its not a ghost with bags under her eyes it works perfectly for what I use it.
I am hoping to get a better brand for the rest of my use but not yet bought anything.
So, if you need a foundation that is cheap and reliable in the way I relie on it then it is a great bargin to buy.

This is a swatch of the foundation, which is a nice shade for me

This is it rubbed in (with my finger- not most ideal) and I'm not sure whether you can fully tell how even it make the skin look.
You can see the difference between where the foundation ends at the wrist so that shows the kind of difference it makes.

A no7 and Elizabeth Arden review

Ok so this is a no7 blush that I got from Boots the other day, it is ''22 Candy Pink'' and is hypo-allergenic. I wore it today putting it on the balls of my cheeks and it gave a really nice, nature flushed look, I really like it.

I payed for it with a £5 coupon which meant it only cost me £3.75 :D

This is my Elizabeth Arden Bronzing 'shimmer powder' and its Golden. I love this bronzer. It is my first and I do really like it. It cost me £10 which I believe is an alright price. I mainly like it because it has the four different shades. I am very fair skinned (basically its acceptable to compare me to the colour of milk :P) anyway, so because of that I mainly use the top two colours but when I have a tan I can mix the colours in with the darker ones. I also like how it has a shimmer to it, which if you're looking for something a bit more mature probably wouldn't be the best thing.
One bad thing about it is that it isn't that greatly pressed so a lot of the powder comes off very easily and ends up all over the mirror. Just have to be careful with it.
I got mine of a market in Bury. I've checked the Elizabeth Arden site and it doesnt seem to be on there but there are newer versions of it now that you can try out, although the price is a lot higher on this site.
Try checking out different market stales if you want it as they might be supplying them.

A small selection of my jewellery

This is my main jewellery holder, I got it from St Annes in Blackpool, in this little shop, I love it and how traditional it looks. Just wanted to show off how beautiful I think it is :)

Ok, so the jewellery in the picture are my over the top ones, the blue one is the only one I bought, purchased from Debenhams, to be honest I don't wear these that much because like I said they are quite extravagant.

Beauty Bible....

.....well mine at least.