Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Aniita's Giveaway

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Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid!

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something weird and it don't look good
Who you gonna call?
If you're seeing things running through your head
Who you gonna call?
An invisible man sleeping in your bed
Who you gonna call?
If you're all alone pick up the phone
Who can you call?
You have dose of a freaky Ghost
Who you gonna call?

So, last night I was round at my sister’s house babysitting for her and her husband while they were out at the pictures.
I look after the kids quite a bit; an eleven year old (with the attitude of...well my age), and four year old (with the argumentative nature of an eleven year old), and finally a two year old boy who is adorable, but rather strange (and I say that from a loving place).
I get there a bit before nine and the four year old has been ill, she is out for the count in her bed, so I just have to check on her every now and then and make sure she doesn’t get to hot; simple.
The two years old is running around all excited that I am there (to them I can of = play, so I can understand this misgiving). I give him a bottle and take him up to bed. But at this point he gets angry and upset because he only just realises that his mum and dad have gone without saying goodbye to him, so he is crying and upset and calling out their names. I snuggle and chat rubbish to him (most of which I know he didn’t understand) and he sat staring at me until his head started getting to heavy for himself and began falling forward and backwards in quick snaps that he couldn’t control. He allowed me to lie him down and he fell asleep after that. 2 down; 1 to go.
The eleven year old had to be in bed at half past, so off I went to tell her to get her butt upstairs, but she pleads
'can I just watch the end of thisssssss?!?!' (Insert very winy voice)
'Why what time does it go off?' (Insert my voice trying to do authority)
'Fine'... because I'm her aunt and I'm awesome at it :) or I'm awesome at allowing thing that they are not usually allowed to do.
When 10 comes around I am reading for my English class and it gets to 10past before I remember, so once I wrestle her (literally) upstairs I go and sit in the front room.
That is when the noises start!!!!! I swear to GOD there was someone walking up and down the stairs, I kept going into the landing to check that it wasn’t one of the kids. It wasn’t. There was no-one there. And then there were footsteps all over the house- I even went upstairs (sneaking) to see whether one of them was messing about. They were all out of it.
I was really creeped out by this point, wearing my shoes (which basically means I was preparing myself for having to run at any point). I rung my mum (yes I know! But in times like this you want your mum!) And she said put the telly on. But I can’t do that because then I fear that I'm missing noises!?!?! So I went and sat in the kitchen with the dog (for protection) and did my nails, the next thing I remember I woke up with my face stuck to the dinner table and my nail polish all clumpy and smeared on the nail.
So the real reason behind all that ^^^^ is that if your ever scared, no need to call Ghostbusters, simply do your nails!!!


Sunday, 27 September 2009

Attempt at improving organisational skills :P

I got the container from Wilkinsons for £6, they didnt have it in white :(
So on top I have my nail vanishes and my brushes, as well as the pink makeup bag which has the stuff I take to college with me.

I take a pressed powder, bronzer, blusher, concealer, two lipsticks, a lipgloss and a lipbalm with me. And a powder brush from e.l.f with me to college.

Behind the draws I have a bag on pallettes

My room is really, really tiny so this is the best way of storing my makeup.
(Sorry if this was boring and picture dominating but just wanted to show how I try to work around very little space)

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Body Shop Party

I got invited to a Body Shop Party on Friday night.
Sorry about the picture quality!

So the women from the shop asked 'who wants to volunteer for the make over?' so in the name of research I prepared myself to rugby tackle anyone who even thought of saying they wanted it, lucky no one did so I got the makeover. She used some of the products that will be in the Christmas selection which was mainly glittery stuff like the shimmering eyeliner that she put over the black liner. She also applied a coat of mascara which claims to lengthen lashes and then a black coat and then a shimmering coat as well which I cant really see on the pictures, so I dont think that worked all that well. The lengthening did work though. Not to sure on the colour of the eyeshadow though.
Some of the products she was talking about I did think were a waste of money, they do a bottle of water which you spray on your brushes to make your eyeshadows liquid, but I couldnt help thinking why not just go to your tap instead of spending money?
Although those it was quite a good night, and I will go and check out the makeup in Body Shop from now on and see if there is anything that really catches my eye.

I got the two above from Primark, both for a £1. I think Primark is alright for getting some makeup from, especially as they've so cheap.

I got these six items from Boots, it had a 2 for 3 offer on over all brands, and I wanted four of them really badly so I decided I'd six.
Natural Collection

Its a cool blue colour, 'Topaz', its looks creamy on the nail but I dont think its really all that amazing. I had wanted a yellow instead but got talked out of it. I saw it on a hand model and it looked good, and interesting choice. Shouldnt have allowed myself to be talked out of it :(
Lesson learned.

Barry M

This isnt really a good picture, its a much more limey colour. Its 'Spring Green' and like the yellow I wanted something a bit more unique and fun than just a neutral colour.

This is the whole reason I went into Boots. I've been dying to get a coral nail vanish, and although it looks a bit orange on the picture, and its named 'Tropical Island' it was the closest to coral I could get because all the name polishes actually called coral where sold out. But I do really like the colour and loads of people at college have been asking where I got it from so its a hit!!
Then I got two 17 eye shadows. Left to right its colour 'All at Sea' and 'Viva Diva' which is a kind of bluey green colour. I haven't tried these out probably yet.
I also got a Barry M 'Shimmering Eye and Lipn Crayon' which I'm going to uses as an eye primer. I dont know which primer to buy and they are quite expensive, at least the good ones, and I found out of a youtuber xteeener who is amazing!! I love all her uploads. So for now this crayon is my primer. It is shimmery and I found one that wasnt at my fav stall 'The Makeup Store' in Bury so I got that too.
The Boots buys came to £13.93 and I saved £4.97 with the offer on.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Heads up

I got this from Accessorize for £8 and although it is quite big I am so madly in love with it. I think its dead 'gossip girl' style and I have worn it far to much this week so I'm going to have to ration myself next week and alternate between what I wear.
I noticed after uploading the first 3 pictures that the headband was the wrong way round :S so the last picture is it the right way round (still think it looks good, but love does make you bias and all that)
When I bought this there was also a really cute blue ring that was crying out to me but I had to leave it behind, so hopefully (if anyone ever hires me) I will go back and buy it :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Look at my phone!
I dropped it the other day. My eldest sister has started college (my college) and she wanted me to stand with her while she was having a fag (smoking is very bad for you and is a great damage to your health :) Cant say I am not looking out for you all) so I did the sisterly duty and stood with her, and I dropped my phone, which I always do because I swear its covered in some kind of slipper substance put there purely to upset me, and I cracked my whole screen!!:S My sister laughed, my friends laughed, my mum even laughed so I definately was feeling the loving support. So I can even get a new screen for a phone I wasnt really all that fond of or stick it out and wait till I can get a new phone altogether. Gutted :(
Slowly my picture is starting to get more and more messed up and the smash that goes down to the right hand side is messing up my buttons and I cant read my messages properly AND it can no longer go in my pocket because there is glass still coming off it, which is most upsetting because everytime I go for my phone and dont find it, I first panic like mad because I've forgotten that I cant put in my pocket anymore, and then when I do remember its like being slapped with a wet fish (dont know why I chose that similarity :S) all over again when I rethink all the things above :(
It is quite funny though

Mini (as in mini!) Haul and Moaning

I saw a review somewhere a bit again and I cant remember where it was so if whoever it was who did a mascara review reads this then leave a comment and I'll add your name and blog if you want me to. Anyway the point was that someone reviewed 'The Max Volume Flash Mascara' and I decided that I would give it ago because my mascara is a bit on the rubbish side but I never know what new one to get. So I bought this for £4.98 from Wilkinsons but we get discount so it was cheaper :D. When I got home I took off my other makeup and gave it ago and so far so good, if it ends up not being great after I've used it a bit more I'll do a blog to warn but others have said its good so 'fingers cross'
Then I also got a Rimmel Lipstick for £5.98 from Wilkinson as well- so was cheaper again. Its colour number '200 Latino' and is a really creamy pink shade. I tried this on too and so far I am liking it. A swatch is below. :)
Then(!) I went to Asda with my mum and got my first ever pair of false lashes with very tiny shimmers on them. I've not tried them before and not fully sure of how to even do it, so I will be going watching a 'How To' on youtube (because theres a 'how to' to everything on youtube). But I dont just want to try them just to try them because they cost £4.88 so I will mention them when I give them a go.
I also wanted to explain why I was absent for a bit. College is back in and I've been looking for jobs, and not really had the money to buy products to blog about. I miss the days when being given 50p meant you could buy more than you wanted, neither mine having a whole £1!!! and now money is something that I hate (not when I have it. Obviously) but its sooo annoying when it is absent, and I cant get a job because everywhere is either not hiring, or they want experience which I cannot get until someone hires me! A catch 22 I am hating a lot at them moment.
And I am not going to be getting my helpful £30 EMA for a while because the EMA corporation (whatever) didnt send me a form (grrr) so unless I take up streetwalker then I am moneyless and thats just disheartening :(
(And just as a 'by the way' I didnt manage to buy the above by trying out the streetwalker idea :) It was thanks to my daddy and a few weeks worth of spence)
Ohhhh, and I also get a lotty ticket (for the second time) for tonight so wish me luck, because if I win I'll but some of the money into buying prizes for when I do my giveaway, so really anyone who reads this will benefit as well :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

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Monday, 14 September 2009


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Saturday, 12 September 2009

A little O.M.G moment..

So, I come onto my blog this morning to check out what other people have put up and I see that I have 30(!!) followers, I know that compared to some people with around 200 thats rather sad to get excited about but I am soooo thrilled :D:D:D
(although I do worry that now I will lose a follower and look like a goon if anyone looks at this blog :P)
But anyway.... Just a huge thank yoou to those of you who actually follow my randomness

:) :)

I also really want to do some kind of contest when I get a few more people, I will probably giveaway some makeup alone or put some jewellery in there with it... not sure yet, might let you lot decide.
Anyway, THANK YOU :)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Jordy Contest :)

Jordy is having a contest/giveaway... the rules a simple
RULES1. You must own a blog on blogger
2. You must follow my blog (Jordy's Beauty Spot)
3. Leave a comment on this post saying "MAC Makes Me Magic"
4. To double your chances, advertise this giveaway on your blog.

Go have a look for yourself.... :)

Perfect Pairs

The pair above and the ones below I got from Martin James at the duty free in Manchester airport before I went on holiday, so there literally is NO event where I do not buy jewellery. I shamefully havent actually wore these yet :/ I seriously have too much jewellery and I end up forgetting about them, so I going to have to stop neglecting them because I do think they are quite nice.

This pair however I wear probably too much, they cost me about £25 I think it was, it was off a jewellery stall that was up in Manchester when all them stalls get put up near Marks and Sparks. I got them in this really cute bag as well.
Not sure whether you can tell but the flower section is shiny crystal and the tear drop is purple crystal.

I got these from Accessorize. They're not on the interent so I can check the prize of them, but they are still in the shop so if you like them you might still have some luck.
The flower is a coral colour which is so in at the moment and the drops are greeny/gray and they do actually really go together. Very pretty :)

I got this pair from a restaurant near where I live, they hand crafted all these individual jewellery which I love, I like having jewellery that is really unique. I wore these at my sisters wedding and wear them pretty much for anything; college, meals, going shopping, I really like how cute and creamy the colour of the pearls are.
I think they cost about £7.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Shopping!! :D

This is my first ever MAC product!!! EVER!! And because of that I am hugely impressed with even the bag they gave me, I got colour Honey Lust A69.

My mum (being lovely that she is) gave me her credit card (dangerous move) and told me I could get a few of the things. There was a male sales person though stood at the MAC counter and he saw the exchange, so my mum walked off and I walked back and forth looking at the stuff over and over, with the guy following close behind. Eventually (after about 15mins of just standing and staring like the MAC newbie I am) I ran away.... chicken and strange I know, but I have read soo many blogs and watched soo many youtube videos that talk about MAC that it felt strangely sacred :S Anyway it was a happy ending (with me forcing my mum to come back with me and send me off to buy it like it was getting a dreaded injection).... So I now own a M.A.C EYESHADOW!!

It cost £11 and I got it from The House Of Fraser in Manchester.

This is my new purse!! Pretty isnt it! I got it from Topshop and it cost me £18. I've been looking for a really good purse for college that can hold all the things I take with me and the suitable ones for that were costing about £25 so I am impressed with this buy.

Tiny, but sweet. I got it from H&M for £10 and although I didnt really need it I fell for it as soon as I saw it. I figure that I could fit a small purse, my ipod, a powder, and a lipgloss in it snuggly so it was worth the money in my (illogical) opinion

I also got some clothes but all this shopping has taken it out of me and I need a bath so I'm not doing a blog on that...

Just Jens Giveaway :D

Just Jen is having her first giveaway!! The rules of a chance to win are simple and the prizes ^ as you can see are great..
soo for your chance to win check out Jens blog at

Monday, 7 September 2009

Diary of a Crush

.The senopsis of the books (there is a bit plot spoiling in these).

First Book: French Kiss-
New Town, new college, new people- Edie’s feeling overwhelmed. What if nobody wanted to be her friend? But on her second day something happens that turns her life upside down:
Edie spots Dylan. Messy-haired, pouty, frustratingly elusive Dylan. Its love at first sight!
Fast forward to the college trip to Paris, and things are really hotting up. in between the shopping, the clubbing, the kissing and the making up, something happens between Edie and Dylan that changes both their lives for ever… but do toxic boys like Dylan ever play for keeps?
Second Book: Kiss and Make up-
Edie’s having major boy issues. Trying to get over Dylan is hard enough, but then he starts dating Veronique – the most irritating girl in the world! And what about Veronique’s brother, Carter? He and Edie hate each other on sight… so why do they keep kissing?
When everyone heads off to a summer festival, Edie wants to forget her troubles and try and have fun. But she didn’t count on her leftover feelings for Dylan and now she’s all churned up again. Edie’s got some big decisions to make, but is she ready to kiss and make up…?
Third Book: Sealed with a Kiss-
Together at last! Edie and Dylan have been dreaming about their road trip across America for ever. But nine weeks in a car together is going to be a huge test for them. They’re crazy in love, but is that enough?
Trailer parks, seedy motels and glitzy casinos are the backdrop for an adventure that threatens the whole future of their relationship. Can Edie and Dylan finally go the distance?
Each book has very funny parts to them and you end up really loving Edie.
You can tell that when it was being written the author was really trying to get into the teenage mindset and you can sometime tell that in the writing
They are quite innocent at times even though the main character are only a year younger than me (16), but I think I only notice that because I've read things that are meant for adults, and there is a big difference
Other than that I absolutly LOVE these books, they suck you in and I always get through them in a week because I always become enthralled again.
The retail price is £5.99 but they are probably cheaper now as I got them quite a while ago.

Random Jiba Jaba

I was thinking that I might start blogging about the books that I read (which includes a lot) because there are some that I would defiantly recommend and others I seriously wouldnt, so I'm considering that at the moment...


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cute right...?

These are so adorable and only cost£1.99 from H&M.
I'm really into clips and slides and all kinds of hair accessories at the moment so if anyone is the same and you know of great places to buy them please let me know...
the security watch me very carefully with the amount I go into accessorize so I think its a sign I better start branching out to different places :D

Hair accessorizes

(Left to Right)
The first two are dead basic, the white one is a silky material and the black is just plastic, I have loads of these because when I have my hair up I separate my fringe and the hair pulled back.

This blue one and the flower one below are my two favourite at the moment, I think they are really sweet (especially the flower).
The blue one is from accessorize for £4. I've check their website and its no longer there so that might have been discontinued now, but there are some similar ones that are cute.

Paris Chain Link Alice Band
£3.50, also from accessorize ( suprise suprise :D )
This was still on their website.

And this one is from Peacocks, it looks brown on this picture but its actually black. For £2 its as good as you could expect, hanging a bit loosely.
I like wearing these because if your having a bad hair day and you've just put your hair up it can still look really nice and more styled if you put one of these in.

Rose Studs

I so love these little rose earrings, but I cant (and I have tried) remember where I got them from :S

I looked on the Accessorize website and some of the other places that I regularly get my jewellery but they werent anywhere.

If you type Porcelain Rose Studs Earrings into the internet browser though there are loads of cute little earrings that are similar if you really like these.


Puker up

This was the first lipstick that I've ever got, I usually just wear lipgloss. I got it from TJ Hughes.
Its Loreal Paris colour number 706, and its nothing really out there it just makes you lips look a little pinker and cuter.
Plus it only cost about £3, so thumbs up