Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I got my second award!! Wohooo :D

This is from http://babybubblz.blogspot.com/ I am really fond of her blog so good and have a look!
In this tag, I have to share 10 facts about me.

1. I am really considering a tattoo, I am thinking of putting one of my favourite sayings on my wrist or on my back….? Still thinking about it, pros and cons and all, let me know what you think.

2. I don’t like what I am doing at college, I actually hate it. I want to pursue something else, something that is actually a dream or aspiration instead of someone else’s dreams. Just unsure of what it is yet.
3. I think my most treasured item of technology is my iPod(!) I am sooooo attached to it, I would say I would rather give up my phone than my iPod………… am I alone in that??

4. I drink far too many cups of tea; it can range from 4 to about 12 a day. That’s bad right? :S

5. My bedroom is the smallest room I have ever encountered; I can lie on my bed and reach out and touch all my walls. It’s still cute though, it has character.

6. I have two lucky charms, a troll (don’t laugh, it may be scary but I love it) and an owl talisman.

7. I used to collect beanie babies, and my favourite was a parrot.

8. I used to be madly obsessed with Johnny Depp, and I mean madly. Now I feel some kind of loyalty to him and buy a calendar of him every year?? I don’t know….

9. I have a major headache at the moment, not an interesting detail but :( I’m finding it difficult to find interesting (even mildly) and random facts.
10. I want a new phone but all the ones I like are on contract so even I hold out or get caught up in the whole contract thingy



  1. Don't get it on your wrist.

    1-it'll hurt like a bitch. Seriously. Fleshy places are the easiest to bear.

    2-getting it in a visible place is ok if you're in a secure career. Note I said career not job. Jobs can change dramatically but if you're in a career then your reputation *should* precede you so first impressions are already formed. However it depends on career. Most employers are very prejudiced against body modification. No matter how good your CV and your performance, they see it and you're ticked off the list.

    If you're thinking arm, then the upper arm is a better place. Or the shoulder blade if you're wanting it to look "sexy" like, say, Angelina Jolie etc.

    Also, words are more often than not a quickly regretted choice. I'm not talking from personal experience but from multiple friends experiences. Artwork never really becomes daft (except maybe cartoons) but words and phrases might lose/change meaning to you, think back to when you were a young teen, the song lyrics you wrote on your school books etc. How silly they seem now? :)

    On the other hand, I'm a firm believer in doing it and regretting it over never doing it and regretting not doing it. And my body art I adore and I'm planning ridiculous amounts (all hide-able under shirt and trouser suit). My social lifestyle is such that tattoo's are the norm though.

    It's highly addictive, once you get one you'll likely want more, but remember there's a limited amount of skin to tattoo!

    Best advice I was ever given is if you like a tattoo, put it on your pc background and pin it up in a couple of rooms for 6 months. If you still like it after that time go for it.

    If you choose to get one...

    DON'T GO DRUNK. Don't need to explain that one. But if you are worried then take some painkillers just before going. It will help a little.

    Accept that it is going to hurt and you will have a much easier time. Most people go into denial about the pain then it's such a huge shock that they can't finish the tattoo. Don't be afraid to ask for a break while getting it done if you're overwhelmed.

    And above all, make sure the place has a good rep, everything is clean and you *must* see the tattooist unpack all the instruments. If you don't, insist they get another needle. If they are good, they won't mind at all. If they get huffy then leave.

    Don't forget, they are permanent, removal leaves ugly scarring/patching.

    Hope this helps!

    Wade xxxxxx

  2. Yay!

    #1. I think on the wrist is better, if it's an important saying, you can see it easily and be reminded. I'm too scared of the pain to get one =P

    #4. In one sitting of dimsum I can drink a lot of tea too. But then many trips to the bathroom are needed lol. It's better than coffee!

  3. I like number 2...it's good that you've realise fairly early...I studied psychology at uni for 3 years before I realised I was better off doing something that I (not my family) actually wanted to do, and I couldn't be happier! Good luck finding whatever it is :-)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog to win $80 worth of jewelry! Anyone with a blog can enter :-)

    nicola xx

  4. nice to know a little about you, gurl =)