Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mini (as in mini!) Haul and Moaning

I saw a review somewhere a bit again and I cant remember where it was so if whoever it was who did a mascara review reads this then leave a comment and I'll add your name and blog if you want me to. Anyway the point was that someone reviewed 'The Max Volume Flash Mascara' and I decided that I would give it ago because my mascara is a bit on the rubbish side but I never know what new one to get. So I bought this for £4.98 from Wilkinsons but we get discount so it was cheaper :D. When I got home I took off my other makeup and gave it ago and so far so good, if it ends up not being great after I've used it a bit more I'll do a blog to warn but others have said its good so 'fingers cross'
Then I also got a Rimmel Lipstick for £5.98 from Wilkinson as well- so was cheaper again. Its colour number '200 Latino' and is a really creamy pink shade. I tried this on too and so far I am liking it. A swatch is below. :)
Then(!) I went to Asda with my mum and got my first ever pair of false lashes with very tiny shimmers on them. I've not tried them before and not fully sure of how to even do it, so I will be going watching a 'How To' on youtube (because theres a 'how to' to everything on youtube). But I dont just want to try them just to try them because they cost £4.88 so I will mention them when I give them a go.
I also wanted to explain why I was absent for a bit. College is back in and I've been looking for jobs, and not really had the money to buy products to blog about. I miss the days when being given 50p meant you could buy more than you wanted, neither mine having a whole £1!!! and now money is something that I hate (not when I have it. Obviously) but its sooo annoying when it is absent, and I cant get a job because everywhere is either not hiring, or they want experience which I cannot get until someone hires me! A catch 22 I am hating a lot at them moment.
And I am not going to be getting my helpful £30 EMA for a while because the EMA corporation (whatever) didnt send me a form (grrr) so unless I take up streetwalker then I am moneyless and thats just disheartening :(
(And just as a 'by the way' I didnt manage to buy the above by trying out the streetwalker idea :) It was thanks to my daddy and a few weeks worth of spence)
Ohhhh, and I also get a lotty ticket (for the second time) for tonight so wish me luck, because if I win I'll but some of the money into buying prizes for when I do my giveaway, so really anyone who reads this will benefit as well :)


  1. I can't wait to get my £30 a week EMA, Got another 2 weeks yet! :(
    & I sometimes buy lotto tickets, the other day I didn't get asked for ID! I was well chuffed lol.

  2. Lol, I always have to get my mum to go up and give it in because I dont have id on me and they never believe i'm 17 either :)