Saturday, 31 October 2009

Three Blogs That Are Driving Me MAD!!

By which I mean I can't get onto them, everytime I try my computer crashes and I am going insane!!
Is anyone else having this problem, and if yes pleasssseee tell me how to fix it because I'm gutted, I can see them upload a new posts but I can't get on it!

Friday, 23 October 2009


Two new lipsticks :)

I got Rimmel London 'Nude Delight' for £4.48, and Collection 2000 'Icing' (Love the colour) for £2.92.

Nude Delight


I wanted a nude lipstick for quite a while and then I saw the 2000 lipstick so I got both. When I did the Icing swatch the lipstick snapped :( Anyway I can fix it?
I've yet to test out looks with them, so going off to look at youtube. Any ideas which I can use them for in everyday looks would be great.

Ages ago I bought a ‘The Max Volume Flash Mascara’ ( ) , and then a bit ago I got the ‘No7 Extravagant Lashes’ ( ), with this I got a free palette.
I’ve been using the No7 mascara and I’m really not into it, it separates my lashes, making me have five single skinny lashes, and no matter how much I layer, or which way I apply it, it seems to make nooooooooo difference. I’m kind of gutted because I usually like No7 products, however I did get the free palette which I love so not all pointless. I got the Max mascara before No7 but stopped because I wanted to try out the new one, it’s a bit clumpy now but I’ve gone back to it because it is so much better, great length, makes the stand out and was cheap(ish).
To try and get rid of the clumpy-ness I heated the tube with a hairdryer which is apparently suppose to soften the fibres and make it easier to apply (got this trick from More magazine which has a page dedicated to this kind of stuff, I find loads of good ideas here)
Anyway, so I am liking Max Mascara and not liking No7

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Love Hearts and Golden Chains...♥


I got this gold heart from Accessorize for a £5. I'm not really a fan of gold, I prefer sliver (although am going of that slightly as well, kind of into pearls in a major way at the moment) but I thought this was realllllly cute, and it’s so smooth I spent all today at college stroking it :) I love anything smooth, like silk (I won't even go there I could be a spokesperson for silk, I'd be soooo good at bigging it up to everyone).
I looked through my jewellery and the only other one I have bought that is gold is the chain below (with miniature pearl-like thingies- I think this is where my obsession began). I don't remember where I got this one from but I would bet highly it was Accessorize

(They had a job the other week at Accessorize so I ran (yes really) into the shop already imaging the amount of money I would spend if I saw everything coming in new and looking pretty, but they turned me away saying they weren't taking students (stupid college ruining it all again)

at this blog is a chance to win some prizes :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

A chance to win a jewellery giveaway!! Amazinggggg!
Check out...


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I got my second award!! Wohooo :D

This is from I am really fond of her blog so good and have a look!
In this tag, I have to share 10 facts about me.

1. I am really considering a tattoo, I am thinking of putting one of my favourite sayings on my wrist or on my back….? Still thinking about it, pros and cons and all, let me know what you think.

2. I don’t like what I am doing at college, I actually hate it. I want to pursue something else, something that is actually a dream or aspiration instead of someone else’s dreams. Just unsure of what it is yet.
3. I think my most treasured item of technology is my iPod(!) I am sooooo attached to it, I would say I would rather give up my phone than my iPod………… am I alone in that??

4. I drink far too many cups of tea; it can range from 4 to about 12 a day. That’s bad right? :S

5. My bedroom is the smallest room I have ever encountered; I can lie on my bed and reach out and touch all my walls. It’s still cute though, it has character.

6. I have two lucky charms, a troll (don’t laugh, it may be scary but I love it) and an owl talisman.

7. I used to collect beanie babies, and my favourite was a parrot.

8. I used to be madly obsessed with Johnny Depp, and I mean madly. Now I feel some kind of loyalty to him and buy a calendar of him every year?? I don’t know….

9. I have a major headache at the moment, not an interesting detail but :( I’m finding it difficult to find interesting (even mildly) and random facts.
10. I want a new phone but all the ones I like are on contract so even I hold out or get caught up in the whole contract thingy


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Saturday Haul

I got this scarf from Debenhams Red Herring for £8, with winter coming (well its actually been here for ages but...) its always a good investment and I thought this was really cute especially with the pink plastic bow to give it some detail.

I think this is adorable(!), its from Topshop for £25 but I got student discount as well.

I got my first Urban Decay product! Volume II for £27 -£2.70 from student discount. I was most excited about now having an Urban Decay eye primer which I had heard SO much good stuff about, all from people who are really good at advise buys. I know that I should have properly just got the eye primer but there was this really sweet gay guy bigging it up and he just looked so hopeful and pleading that I had to get this; he even gave me a helpful tips (I already knew them but I smiled and acted all naive anyway), he was goodlooking as well, just a shame he was wearing mascara *sign* :P

(Click to see it larger)


I really like these shadows:)

For this
are shades that are only avaliable in this palette

'Beauty Box get gorgeous' from Debenhams for £5, lots of nice shimmery colours and this would be easy to take on holiday or overnight because its tiny and pink so win win


Friday, 9 October 2009

New Hair Colour

I love Perfect10 Nice and Easy, it is by far my favourite hair dye that I've used. Its dead easy and you don't have to wait ages and ages with the intense hair dye smell intoxicating you.
I got colour 'Medium Brown' number 5. My hair is already brown but its a really dull version of it, and it has blown random bits in it that just don't make any sense being there; so I wanted to dye it again when the natural colour came back. I like having a darker brown colour even with really pale skin, I don't understand why but it works :)

In real life its a bit darker, the flash gives it a two toned colour but I swear its really nice looking at it in person :D

Tagged! :)

I got my first Tag(!) ‘I Think You’re An Awesome Girl Award’ from

I love her blog so it’s really nice to find out she likes mine too. She does great hauls and buying really lovely things. She’s an awesome girl so no surprise about her getting the award.
So for this I tell you all ten things about myself and then tag ten blogs. Enjoy :D

1. I am a vegetarian and have been since I was eight years old

2. I am an aunty to 7 kids; I only really see three of them though and I’ve mentioned them in a blog before, they are my three favourite youngsters in the WHOLE WORLD
3. I love oldie films; my favourite is 1954 ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ (that might not seem that old actually but it is to me)

4. I horse ride, and am in the process of learning all the different things- a rising trot is actually really difficult and my thighs are still burning for using muscles I didn’t even know existed

5. I have a really strange combination of music; I love Alphabeat, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Bruce Hornsby, Cascada, Chantal Kreviazuk, Cobra Starship, Eminem, Evanescence, Fairground Attraction, Fallout Boy, A Fine Frenzy, The Fray, Jay-Z, Lil-Wayne, Kelly Clarkson, Lady GaGa, Leann Rimes, Linkin’ Park, Miley Cyrus, Muse, My Chemical Romance, N-Dubz, Paramore, Pixie Lott, Rihanna, VV Brown. Yeah it’s very random :S

6. I am terrified, literally out of my head panic stricken at the sight of Pigeons(!) which is bad when there are many, many of them everywhere I go. They fly at you and act stupid, but they are crafty creatures and know what their doing, I really wouldn’t be surprised if one day they attack the human race in order to take over the world

(Check out is creepy, scheming stare!!)

7. Seven is my favourite number, it used to be 5 but then I upgraded it. I don’t like even numbers.

8. I have never said ‘candy man’ 5times in a mirror, everyone else I know did it back when the movie was a major thing but I daren’t. Why take the chance!? Just in case it does happen!

9. Me, my mum, dad and sister saw Gladiators when I was younger. I slept through it all though because there was a lot of time waiting around between setting up the different props

10. I wear contacts (couldn’t think of anything more interesting after all that creative above :D)

I am going to tag:
All things girly (:
Aquahearts Makeup Obsession
Chapters of our life
Butterfly Wings
Cheryl's Beauty Blog
kandee the make-up artist
Lucy's Blog ♥
Superficial Girls
Unnecessary Drama
Love, Love, Love these blogs, I always get excited when I see they’ve uploaded a new post.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Blog promoting............->
Go and have a look :D
I'm ill and thoughts I do a mini haul.

I got Rimmel London Renew and Lift for £3.99 and it said it retailed at £8 so thats good, I got colour Porcelain 101 and so far so good. I've not tried it properly yet but will say if I don't like it like my Elite foundation. It says its a 'time reverse complex', but I don't think at 17 I'm really in the need for that, I heard good things about this after going checking it out on the internet.

Then I got Maybelline Lipstick colour Candied Apple number E185. I've been wanting to get a red for a bit now, to try it out and see whether I could ever pull it off, and for £1.50 I thought it was worth the risk. From what I can tell its not too drying but I usually put a lip balm on before I put my lipstick on just as a hope it help prevents drying; I think it works, my lips aren't nearly as dry as they were before I started doing that.
In the pictures I know it looks orange but thats just my stupid camera

Monday, 5 October 2009

Jesse's Girl Giveaway and Elite Foundation is :(

Celebratory give away is four eye dusts from Jesse's Girl!
Blue Moon, Fruit Punch, Pixie Dust, & Peek-a-Boo

To enter:
Be a follower
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Post this on your blog

I got Elite foundation last week and I am kinda disappointed with it, its streaky and leaves a cakey top and you have to put loads of time into rubbing it in (doesn't really work when you use a brush), but if anyone has had a better experience with it let me know how you did it because I really don't want to have wasted my money :)

When exhaustion and technology meet

Be Aware, Below Picture May Scare Those A Bit On The Soft Side :D

Tired, bored, without makeup, and able to play around........ the result:

Highly amusing! (at least in my opinion)

(My dads laptop is awesome, I so want one now just so I can sit and laugh at myself, being perfectly entertained for an hour or even two at a stretch) :)

What is the funniest thing you've done when your bored and a bit on the hysterical side and its no-longer acceptable to lie on the floor kicking and screaming until your put to bed with a bottle??


(View it while you can because I am most likely going to lose my nerve and remove this from embarrassment)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

A Moment in the Life of a Dope!

Wake up; bored. Wander round the house for a bit; see a top that I want to wear tomorrow on the ironing pile. Decided I’ll do it, I’ve nothing better to do after all.
Arrange it on the ironing board, plug in the iron, and begin.
Half a second late: ‘’OH ****’’
Apparently 100% polyester + hot iron =

Begin laughing hysterically and decided I’d better ring my mum now and hope she’s in a good mood:
‘’Mum, you might be about to shout at me…’’
‘’You know my grey silky top, well I thought I would iron it’’
‘’Oh no, Sarah’’
‘Yeah… well now there’s a hole in it’’
‘’Oh, you have to use the minimal amount of temperature, and even then barely even touch the material!’’
‘’Yeah, so I realise’’

It wasn’t too bad, no shouting, no true rage; Still cant stop laughing when I look at it though :D
WARNING: If you’re a bit on the rubbish side with domestics, STAY AWAY FROM THE IRON!!


Saturday, 3 October 2009

''I can't go out with you tonight; I have to wash my hair'' :P

I've been hearing about hair masks a lot lately which I never even knew existed, and I read some stuff on the internet about your own make-shift hair masks, with bananas, and honey and lots of other stuff, but I did it with my TRESemme Thermal Recovery which is ''intensive repair and rehydration treatment'' for ''dried-out, damaged hair''. I usually use this for about 5minutes anyway but from what I've read people put foil on their hair and it’s supposed to hold in the heat(?) I don't know, go research into it :) Anyway, I put this on and then covered my hair with cling film (we didn't have any foil in the house, and yes it looked very stupid) and left it for about 15minutes. When my hair was dry it did feel softer but I can't be sure if that was to do with the amount of time I left it on for or because of the cling film...? So basically, if you have the ingredients and the foil try it out.
(loads of ideas here)

My hair is damaged from drying and straightening, and dyeing so I am really looking for ways of trying to rescue it; anything that helps even a little I’ll give it ago. Let me know if anyone has really good tactics that they use or great products that they buy… :D

Thursday, 1 October 2009

You Can Guess the Title by Now...



Love them all. Simple.
Sooooo, the past three blogs are what happens when a girl who is tired/moody has £60 in her EMA account.

Still shopping...

I got this from Superdrugs for £10.77. Colour 02 Neutral. My foundation right now is E.LF which I love but I wanted something bigger and more substantive. (translation: I was having a really crappy day and was majorly tired and began to shop and couldn't stop... :S)

I wanted a black eye shadow to line my bottom lashes so I got this for £1.27, not sure how good it will work but for that little I thought it was worth a shot. Colour Onyx from Sally Girl.

I got this from Superdrug too for £3.49, I wanted one that wasn't really sticky and this isn't. Basically I only want it to go over my lipsticks. Its N.Y.C and it says it also plumps up your lips but I've worn it already and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Nice feel to it though.