Thursday, 6 May 2010

Robert Pattinson

My reaction when my boyfriend (who works as a handy man at odeon cinemas) showed me this was, ha, that saying about small packages and good things was so obviously wrong.....
Now I just have to figure out where on earth I am suppose to put it :/

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

small (But Big) boots haul

These were on the clearance selves in Boots, £1.50 each and I got 10 products out of it, impressive I think.
Number One: A mirror with number 17 logo on the back.
Number Two: A nail file, that has 'a little obsessed with colour!' on it :)
Number Three: Colour 'Tropical Island' which I already have but I like it so, what the heck..
Number Four: A eye pencil, metallic, in the colour 'green', swatched it and its not really green, it's sure pretty though.
(eye pencil swatch on top)
(eye dazzle below, swatch not great representation of it though)
Number Five: An eye dazzle in colour 'all at sea', very nice colour, just hope it is pigmanted and shows when on the eye.
Number Six: Fast Finishing Nail Polish in colour 'Baked Cherry', really excited about using this, I think its going to be gorgeous.
Number Seven: Lip Glaze in colour 'Chic', it gives a golden shimmer to the lips from what little I have tried on so far, would probably be lovely with a bronzed skin tone in summer.
Number Eight: The second thing I am really excited about trying out; I have read some review on number 17 mascaras in general and there is a lot of good feedback so I am getting my hopes up that this product will be impressive enough that in the early hours of tomorrow morning, when I am still partially asleep, I will still go 'woooo'.
Number Nine: Lasting Fix Nail Polish, in colour 'Royal Indigo', I have a nail colour by Rimmel London called 'Perfect Plum' that I love, and is a good enough duplicate for me, except 'Perfect Plum' has a matallic undertone to it and, obviously, is more ''plummy'' and 'Royal Indigo' is a bit darker.
Number Ten: Is 'Glitter' eyeshadow, in colour 'Spirit' and is nice enough for a silver shimmery colour.
All in all, a good days buy, only coming to £4.50, instead of the £30(ish) it would have cost otherwise. Plus I got a cute little bag, and a box that I will also probably keep pointlessly just because I like the design... yes I am a bit of a compulsive hoarder.
Done :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Glue-on Nails

I bought Broadway Nails the Real Life Natural Nails from Boots for £3.99 and gave them ago tonight.
In the past I've bought false nails from Wilkinson's, really cheap ones for 99p just to see whether they were any sort of good; well not really, they pop off quite easily, but if your willing to carry the nail glue around with you (and be aware of where the nail has dropped) and reapply it numerous times throughout the day then for 99p there isn't much you can moan about rationally.
These Broadway nails are supposed to do a 7 day wear so we will see how they hold out.

Application is as usual, choose nails that best fit your own nail bed, then apply glue to the nail and press on until secure. the tab did make it somewhat more easy, and I did get less glue on my fingers while positioning the false nail in place because of the tab, but it is a bit difficult to get good control just because of the size of the false nail compared to the little tab.
I always find that I start getting the hang of putting them on by nail five, and then I have to use my left hand (when I'm right handed) and lose the ability again... (ppptttthhh sound)

Then I cut the nail down a bit and began filing away like a mad sander. And get to a length and shape am happy with, or alternatively get to a point where I refuse to file away anymore and that's that.

Then I put my base coat on and the colour I wanted, which is from Boots, 17 High Glow Nail Polish in colour Cocoa Berry (I love nail polish names!), it costs £3.49 but I think I got it when it was 3 for 2 anyway. Then I did a top coat, and let my hands pose for pictures.
I Like 17 Nail Polish, the below picture is just one coat so it goes on really well and usually holds well too.
Nice summer colour right??

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Product Rave.1.

Lots of random products that I want to rave about.

My hair is naturally curly, so when I dry it with a hairdryer it transforms itself into a frizz so intense that even though my mum has seen it many, many times, she still laughs hysterically at me when she sees my hair post-hairdryer.
So I started using this and it works, taming the frizz, doesn't weigh my hair down and make it get greasy any quicker than normally, I can even put it on my roots and it won't get greasy, which in my books is a sign of great craftsmanship. And makes it soft, hence why I've almost finished the tube. My mum said she can only get it from Sainsbury's so am not sure where else you can get it.

My lips have serious moisture problems, most of the time they are somewhat chapped, and the rest they are at the stage of dry and rough that they hurt, so I always use some sort of lip balm, and do lots and lots of reapplying throughout the day. I've been using Lypsyl Original for quite a while now, I've used about six altogether and get through about one every two weeks (but like I said, I am always reapplying) and it is really good, when they are not dry it prevents them from getting that way, and other times, e.g when I went Alton towers and woke up the next morning with lips bright red and sore, they help soothe them
I get it from Wilkinson's for a cheap amount.

I got the No7 Mineral Perfection Blusher when there was a voucher offer on, I think it was £5 off £8.75 so it was a good bargain. I like this product because it is seriously long lasting and gives a really nice soft, airbrushed finish, and paired with bronzer it adds really nice colour to my face. Plus you only need a little bit of product and is going to last ages.
The only thing I don't like is the packaging, but I don't like the sifter jars in general, wish it was exactly the same just different container.

I got colour Rose Pink 05.

(Sorry about picture and swatch quality)

My sister kept on telling me to try Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Waterproof Mascara out, she has been swearing by it for quite a while; I think I've seen about four tubes in her room. So I finally decided that I would give it ago.
I like it; it is buildable and is good at separating lashes and making them thick and long..long, long; when I was wearing my glasses one time my lashes kept touching the glass which was both annoying, and impressive.
The brush is big and chunky and sometimes I have a problem with hitting the bridge of my nose at the sides because of the brush size, but to fix that you just have to be more careful.
When it comes to removing it I do have to work at it a lot harder than my other mascaras but I think that's because it looks exactly the same as it does at night when I put it on 12 hours ago in the morning, and isn't one to melt away throughout the day. As long as you're willing to take it off properly then there is no problem, but otherwise you end up with what looks like really bad bags under your eyes. Both all worth, it in my opinion.

Also another product I was forced into buying by my sister, but it hasn't disappointed. I will preface by saying I don't really like foundation, I went off it a while back and just didn't see the point of it when powder seemed enough, well I was stupid.
It gives good medium coverage, getting rid of uneven colouring, and leaves a flawless finish. It isn't thick and so doesn't feel like you are blocking up your pores. As a product it claims to conceal the signs of fatigue such as dark circles, imperfections in skin tone and a dull or muddy complexion, and it does just that. I also haven't had any unusual breakouts either (insert BIG thumbs up)
Basically, if I don't wear this now, I feel really naked, so I am converted back to foundation.

My mum used to use this body mosituriser all the time, and I hated the smell, but then I used it on myself and it doesn't seem to smell as intense when it's you. But smells actually very nice. Now my sister moans about the smell when I'm using it. Strange.
I apply it right after getting out of the bath, because the heat of the water and steam in the room helps the moisturiser to really soak in. It basically does what I'd expected of a moisturiser, makes my skins very soft, lasts until I bath again (every two days), smells nice (apparently only to the user), no longer feels sticky by the time I go bed which is majorly important to me. Plus it is suppose to smooth and blend scars and stretch marks plus I've heard when massaging it into an area with cellulite it helps get rid of it, which is always a benefit.

I like having at least one intensive hair conditioning at home, and usually I just try out new products but I really like Boots own Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask for Normal to Dry Hair, enough that I bought a second tub.
To me it smells like bounty chocolate but no-one else agrees with me, my mum thinks it smells like marzipan..... so go smell it yourself if you think you might want it.
It claims to leave hair soft, shiny, tangle free and deeply moisturised; It definitely leaves hair soft, not sure about shiny, I find that hard to judge, I don't have tangle prone hair, and it does leave it moisturised. So to me it does exactly what I want and need it to do. And it only cost about £2 I think which isn't bad for the amount you get.
I leave it in for 5minutes like it suggests and then just wash it out like normal conditioner.
I bought this from Wilkinson's basically because I thought it looked and felt cool. I got the purifying one for blemish prone skin. It doesn't give any instructions (which I prefer having) so what I do is (and let me know if I am doing this wrong or if there is a better way of doing it) wet my face with water, then wet the 'scrublet' (am I strange for thinking that's a really cute name for it??) and add the gel wash to it. I pat it onto my face on both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then start the rotation movements; I do this to make sure all parts of my face have even amounts of the gel. It works itself into a foam and you don't really need that much gel because it foams very well. I carry on the scrubbing until I am personally satisfied then I rinse it off with warm water and then a splash of cold to close to pores. Then do my face moisturiser.

It says it gives a clean sensation which it really does, I never really knew what people meant by a 'clean sensation' (thats bad) before, even with soap or when I exfoliate, it just left my skin feeling more dry than clean, but this really does leave it 'clean', it even has that 'clean' smell. It says it give velvety smooth skin, which I will also vouch for, and then finally says in makes pores look smaller, which I think is too early to tell with me yet, but I would re-buy it just for the other reasons.

Done. :)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Not so telescopic 'Telescopic Mascara'

Long time, I know. I could run off a list of excuses but the reasons are personal so...

I stopped at my boyfriends place Friday to Sunday night, and before now I've forgotten basic stuff, like clean underwear, hay fever tablets etc... minor things.
But this weekend I forgot my mascara(!), when I realised I stated forcefully to Daniel (the boyfriend) that he was going to be driving me to a super market so I could buy some mascara (we live about 45minutes apart so going home for my mascara wasn't really optional), he laughed, thinking I was joking, well I wasn't.
While trying to convince him that I was being deadly serious his mum asked what was up, and this is the part where every woman really does have a part of them that understands this kind of stuff, while men really dont.
Having explained she selflessly offered me her mascara to use (which I know your not suppose to do, but it was that or be forced to get a bus to a super market in a town I didn't know because Daniel still thinks am joking) so I use it and we're talking about how vital mascara really is, out of all makeup items, mascara comes in top with concealer for me (what's your must wear makeup?).
Anyway, the point of this whole ramble is that her mascara was L'oreal telescopic, which I would never have just picked up myself in a shop (something about the wand puts me off), but I am defiantly going to now, it works very impressively, giving serious length and isn't bad on the thickening of the lashes either.
So I may have an upcoming haul with this mascara in it, hopefully anyway.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Random Buys

Okay, so I've not been buying much while I've been absent from blogger but I did get some things I'm liking. I was in Tescos and was checking out the makeup stall and I saw this

Barbara Daly, 'Icon' and its a really lovely plum colour but I don't thing the pigmentation is as good as some other lipsticks, but then I don't think it is as drying as other lipsticks so it is toss up for me. I want to try some other makeup from BD.

A while ago my press powder ran out so I got Rimmel Londons Stay Matte in 002 'Pink Blossom'. It says it controls shine for up to 5 hours and it soooo does, I love it, it gives a really nice finish and evens out any redness or dullness. LOVE.

Got this because everyone seemed to love it but I'm not that into it, I have to pair it with my Max Volume Flash Mascara to make it good. It gives length but then I just look like I have overgrown lashes that are spindly until I give them thickness with the Rimmel London Mascara.

Then I got a free sample of Max Factors Second Skin Foundation but I've not tried it out yet. :)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Absence Note

I've been gone for ages, but I have a valid excuse; Family Emergences and blogging has been lower on my list of priorities, but hopefully I will be able to get back into it :) (hopefully)