Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Shopping!! :D

This is my first ever MAC product!!! EVER!! And because of that I am hugely impressed with even the bag they gave me, I got colour Honey Lust A69.

My mum (being lovely that she is) gave me her credit card (dangerous move) and told me I could get a few of the things. There was a male sales person though stood at the MAC counter and he saw the exchange, so my mum walked off and I walked back and forth looking at the stuff over and over, with the guy following close behind. Eventually (after about 15mins of just standing and staring like the MAC newbie I am) I ran away.... chicken and strange I know, but I have read soo many blogs and watched soo many youtube videos that talk about MAC that it felt strangely sacred :S Anyway it was a happy ending (with me forcing my mum to come back with me and send me off to buy it like it was getting a dreaded injection).... So I now own a M.A.C EYESHADOW!!

It cost £11 and I got it from The House Of Fraser in Manchester.

This is my new purse!! Pretty isnt it! I got it from Topshop and it cost me £18. I've been looking for a really good purse for college that can hold all the things I take with me and the suitable ones for that were costing about £25 so I am impressed with this buy.

Tiny, but sweet. I got it from H&M for £10 and although I didnt really need it I fell for it as soon as I saw it. I figure that I could fit a small purse, my ipod, a powder, and a lipgloss in it snuggly so it was worth the money in my (illogical) opinion

I also got some clothes but all this shopping has taken it out of me and I need a bath so I'm not doing a blog on that...


  1. i really love that first pink purse!
    and congrats on your first mac product, good choice!

  2. Great items! Congrats on your first Mac item! I only own two Mac items myself! lol

  3. LOVE the stuff you got, that MAC eyeshadow looks gorgeous.Gret blog, come check mine out sometime x

  4. Congratulations on your first MAC purchase!


  5. Hey I got Honey Lust too:) Its very pretty just on its own! Love your purchases too!

  6. i was totally like that back when i first started shopping beauty counters, too! something about it just felt odd haha but don't worry - it gets better :) you got a great color, though! woohoo!


  7. Oh no, now you've started an MAC avalanche! =D
    I don't have Honey Lust but have tried it, it's so pretty! Great overall haul!