Saturday, 26 September 2009

I got the two above from Primark, both for a £1. I think Primark is alright for getting some makeup from, especially as they've so cheap.

I got these six items from Boots, it had a 2 for 3 offer on over all brands, and I wanted four of them really badly so I decided I'd six.
Natural Collection

Its a cool blue colour, 'Topaz', its looks creamy on the nail but I dont think its really all that amazing. I had wanted a yellow instead but got talked out of it. I saw it on a hand model and it looked good, and interesting choice. Shouldnt have allowed myself to be talked out of it :(
Lesson learned.

Barry M

This isnt really a good picture, its a much more limey colour. Its 'Spring Green' and like the yellow I wanted something a bit more unique and fun than just a neutral colour.

This is the whole reason I went into Boots. I've been dying to get a coral nail vanish, and although it looks a bit orange on the picture, and its named 'Tropical Island' it was the closest to coral I could get because all the name polishes actually called coral where sold out. But I do really like the colour and loads of people at college have been asking where I got it from so its a hit!!
Then I got two 17 eye shadows. Left to right its colour 'All at Sea' and 'Viva Diva' which is a kind of bluey green colour. I haven't tried these out probably yet.
I also got a Barry M 'Shimmering Eye and Lipn Crayon' which I'm going to uses as an eye primer. I dont know which primer to buy and they are quite expensive, at least the good ones, and I found out of a youtuber xteeener who is amazing!! I love all her uploads. So for now this crayon is my primer. It is shimmery and I found one that wasnt at my fav stall 'The Makeup Store' in Bury so I got that too.
The Boots buys came to £13.93 and I saved £4.97 with the offer on.

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