Saturday, 12 September 2009

A little O.M.G moment..

So, I come onto my blog this morning to check out what other people have put up and I see that I have 30(!!) followers, I know that compared to some people with around 200 thats rather sad to get excited about but I am soooo thrilled :D:D:D
(although I do worry that now I will lose a follower and look like a goon if anyone looks at this blog :P)
But anyway.... Just a huge thank yoou to those of you who actually follow my randomness

:) :)

I also really want to do some kind of contest when I get a few more people, I will probably giveaway some makeup alone or put some jewellery in there with it... not sure yet, might let you lot decide.
Anyway, THANK YOU :)


  1. oooo la you have 31! :)

    cute blog hun!