Friday, 11 September 2009

Perfect Pairs

The pair above and the ones below I got from Martin James at the duty free in Manchester airport before I went on holiday, so there literally is NO event where I do not buy jewellery. I shamefully havent actually wore these yet :/ I seriously have too much jewellery and I end up forgetting about them, so I going to have to stop neglecting them because I do think they are quite nice.

This pair however I wear probably too much, they cost me about £25 I think it was, it was off a jewellery stall that was up in Manchester when all them stalls get put up near Marks and Sparks. I got them in this really cute bag as well.
Not sure whether you can tell but the flower section is shiny crystal and the tear drop is purple crystal.

I got these from Accessorize. They're not on the interent so I can check the prize of them, but they are still in the shop so if you like them you might still have some luck.
The flower is a coral colour which is so in at the moment and the drops are greeny/gray and they do actually really go together. Very pretty :)

I got this pair from a restaurant near where I live, they hand crafted all these individual jewellery which I love, I like having jewellery that is really unique. I wore these at my sisters wedding and wear them pretty much for anything; college, meals, going shopping, I really like how cute and creamy the colour of the pearls are.
I think they cost about £7.

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  1. very pretty! i love sparkly, dangly earrings :) and that little gift pouch is too cute!