Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Body Shop Party

I got invited to a Body Shop Party on Friday night.
Sorry about the picture quality!

So the women from the shop asked 'who wants to volunteer for the make over?' so in the name of research I prepared myself to rugby tackle anyone who even thought of saying they wanted it, lucky no one did so I got the makeover. She used some of the products that will be in the Christmas selection which was mainly glittery stuff like the shimmering eyeliner that she put over the black liner. She also applied a coat of mascara which claims to lengthen lashes and then a black coat and then a shimmering coat as well which I cant really see on the pictures, so I dont think that worked all that well. The lengthening did work though. Not to sure on the colour of the eyeshadow though.
Some of the products she was talking about I did think were a waste of money, they do a bottle of water which you spray on your brushes to make your eyeshadows liquid, but I couldnt help thinking why not just go to your tap instead of spending money?
Although those it was quite a good night, and I will go and check out the makeup in Body Shop from now on and see if there is anything that really catches my eye.

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  1. Its quite a pretty look, nice and a bit understated! although i think the glittery liner would look amazing with a smokey eye! xx