Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Look at my phone!
I dropped it the other day. My eldest sister has started college (my college) and she wanted me to stand with her while she was having a fag (smoking is very bad for you and is a great damage to your health :) Cant say I am not looking out for you all) so I did the sisterly duty and stood with her, and I dropped my phone, which I always do because I swear its covered in some kind of slipper substance put there purely to upset me, and I cracked my whole screen!!:S My sister laughed, my friends laughed, my mum even laughed so I definately was feeling the loving support. So I can even get a new screen for a phone I wasnt really all that fond of or stick it out and wait till I can get a new phone altogether. Gutted :(
Slowly my picture is starting to get more and more messed up and the smash that goes down to the right hand side is messing up my buttons and I cant read my messages properly AND it can no longer go in my pocket because there is glass still coming off it, which is most upsetting because everytime I go for my phone and dont find it, I first panic like mad because I've forgotten that I cant put in my pocket anymore, and then when I do remember its like being slapped with a wet fish (dont know why I chose that similarity :S) all over again when I rethink all the things above :(
It is quite funny though

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  1. thanks for following :)
    and i know how you feel.. my dog chewed up my brand new cell phone once.. i was pretty mad :P lol