Monday, 17 August 2009

This is my foundation. Lacura ''10 transparent'', I got it from ALDI for £2.59, very cheap I know but don't reject it just yet. Its very creamy and easy to spread and does give a even base.
Granted it doesn't last ALL day but for a couple of hours at college where I'm not too fussed about how I look as long as its not a ghost with bags under her eyes it works perfectly for what I use it.
I am hoping to get a better brand for the rest of my use but not yet bought anything.
So, if you need a foundation that is cheap and reliable in the way I relie on it then it is a great bargin to buy.

This is a swatch of the foundation, which is a nice shade for me

This is it rubbed in (with my finger- not most ideal) and I'm not sure whether you can fully tell how even it make the skin look.
You can see the difference between where the foundation ends at the wrist so that shows the kind of difference it makes.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my Jasmine La Belle post sweety! If you can find the website, please let me know, because I couldn't find it.