Monday, 17 August 2009

A no7 and Elizabeth Arden review

Ok so this is a no7 blush that I got from Boots the other day, it is ''22 Candy Pink'' and is hypo-allergenic. I wore it today putting it on the balls of my cheeks and it gave a really nice, nature flushed look, I really like it.

I payed for it with a £5 coupon which meant it only cost me £3.75 :D

This is my Elizabeth Arden Bronzing 'shimmer powder' and its Golden. I love this bronzer. It is my first and I do really like it. It cost me £10 which I believe is an alright price. I mainly like it because it has the four different shades. I am very fair skinned (basically its acceptable to compare me to the colour of milk :P) anyway, so because of that I mainly use the top two colours but when I have a tan I can mix the colours in with the darker ones. I also like how it has a shimmer to it, which if you're looking for something a bit more mature probably wouldn't be the best thing.
One bad thing about it is that it isn't that greatly pressed so a lot of the powder comes off very easily and ends up all over the mirror. Just have to be careful with it.
I got mine of a market in Bury. I've checked the Elizabeth Arden site and it doesnt seem to be on there but there are newer versions of it now that you can try out, although the price is a lot higher on this site.
Try checking out different market stales if you want it as they might be supplying them.