Tuesday, 18 August 2009

continuing the E.L.F haul...

(From left to right)

The first product in the picture is a Conditioning Lip Balm. Its in a really cute little tubeand it smells and tastes really yummy (its Strawberry Creme). I put it on this morning and it stayed on for quite a while and did seem to soft up my chapped lips. It cost£1.50

The other four little cases in the picture are my custom Lips, I got to choose which colours I wanted, (again from left to right and first row then bottom) it is Cinnamon, Nude Blush, Earth Rose and Peaches and then the black box contains my Custom Compact which cost £1.50. The Custom Lips themselves were supposed to cost £1.50 but they were half price so I got them for £0.75 :D.

So, the green packet in the only Eye Shadow Cream that I bought, and its Mocha Swirl and is a really lovely colour.
It is a very creamy formula so that should hopefully go on really well. I will let you know about that. Cost £1.50

The second one is my Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (and I know that I said I cant use them but I still refuse to give in altogether) plus it only cost me £1.50 :D

The yellow packet is my Tone Correcting Concealer which has a sponge applicator. It cost £1.50 and is colour fair. I've already tried it today on the darker colour under my eyes. It has a orange colour to it when first putting it on but once spread in it matches my skin colour. It doesnt work as well as some of the other products I use and doesnt last all day but for £1.50 I wasnt really expecting it too.

It did even out my colour and I'm sure if you applied a bit more of it it would work well enough, especially if your then going to apply Foundation, which today I didnt.

The second one is my Sheer Foundation SPF15 (Tone 2) which I havent yet tried but I am assuming that it will work similarly to the Correcting Concealer. It also says its a Tinted Moisturizer so we'll see about that.

These are my two nail vanishes, colours Chocolate and Burgundy. I got the Chocolate because on the site it looked like a nail vanish my sister had that I borrowed (Stole without her knowledge) because it was very pretty but it doesnt look like its going to look anything alike, but might still be good. I will be testing them really soon.
Both cost £1.50.

Also, if you buy over £30 of items (which I did with my sister also getting some things) you get free delivery which is good.



  1. sounds really good i just placed an order @ elf, how long did yours take too get delivered?? xx

  2. I ordered it on a sunday n it came through tuesday