Tuesday, 18 August 2009

E.L.F Haul !!!! :D (Eyes, Lips and Face)

I got some e.l.f products through today which I order on Sunday, came through very quickly which I love as I am very excited about them.
These are the selection of brushes that I bought. (from left to right)

Foundation Brush
Concealer Brush
Eye Shadow Brush
Smudge Eye Sponge
Small Angled Brush
Powder Brush

I already have a Foundation Brush but I don't think you can have too many (unless you literally have too many) and it only cost £1.50
Then I got my Concealer Brush because I put my concealer on nowadays but everyone seems to promote doing it with a brush instead, and it only cost £1.50
Ditto with my Eye Shadow Brush, which also cost £1.50
My Smudge Eye Sponge I am excited about using because when your blending different eye shadows together it will give it a less constructed look, less hard. Cost £1.50
My Small Angled Brush I got for a specific reason. For the life of me I cannot put eyeliner on. I have watched tutorials and tutorials about how to do you eyeliner but I just can't master it... so I've got the angled brush because I can instead put a dark eye shadow on it and spread it where I would put my eyeliner :o), it cost £3.50
I got the Powder Brush simply because the brushes I use for my bronzer is too small so I am hoping this will work better. Cost £3.50
So there all the brushes that I got, I will review how good they are once I given them a proper go.
I also got loads more from e.l.f which I will do a blog on but I am going out, I just wanted to do a quick one now.

Oh, by the way, nearly everything from e.l.f either costs £1.50 or £3.50 which is great. The only things I found that cost more was when you are buying a set of e.g. brushes together which cost more. I think I'm going to be liking e.l.f cosmetics


  1. Wow those brushes are so inexpensive! That's awesome!

    I started a beauty blog where I do reviews too! I'd love to hear some feedback so join my blog!