Sunday, 23 August 2009

Testing Tans

I got myself two of these mitts from Boots for £1.71 and they were £3.42, a bargain I think :)
St. Moriz is being talked about in lots of blogs so I thought I'd give it a try and see if it works on my (as previously mentioned) pale skin. So I tried it and it is great!!! I've even had a two baths and you can still kinda of see it, much paler now but
still impressive. It only cost me £2.99 as well so I am very happy (me and my sister are planning on stocking up so you might want to buy it before we get there). It was dead simple to put on with the mitt and basically you just spread it as evenly as you can. I did have a bit of uneveness(?) on my wrists but thats just my lack of skills. They sell this in quite a few places, I found it on my favourite makeup stall in Bury but my sister (check out her blog) had found it cheaper at T. J Hughes so I got it from there.
I got this the same day and it was from TK maxx and I cant remember exactly how much it cost but it was about £3 so thats why I bought it. You can usually find quite a lot of good stuff at TK maxx because a lot of it is designer expensive stuff that they sell off cheaper.
I dont know whether you can see the name properly on the picture so its 'Geltan Self Tanning Gelee' and mine is light-medium and it contains Organic Aleo Vera.
Have yet to try this but when I get round to it I will let anyone who is interested know


  1. My blogs keep messing up in the way they look!! :(

  2. you need to stop choosing to put your photos to the side, put them in the middle xx

  3. I got this self tanner as part of a recent prize. Haven't tried yet since I'm tanned from the summer still.

    Cool blog, just followed! Come stop by mine too.


  4. I've gotta get some of this St Moriz - EVERYONE is raving about it. Might try eBay.

    Love the blog btw.