Thursday, 29 April 2010

Glue-on Nails

I bought Broadway Nails the Real Life Natural Nails from Boots for £3.99 and gave them ago tonight.
In the past I've bought false nails from Wilkinson's, really cheap ones for 99p just to see whether they were any sort of good; well not really, they pop off quite easily, but if your willing to carry the nail glue around with you (and be aware of where the nail has dropped) and reapply it numerous times throughout the day then for 99p there isn't much you can moan about rationally.
These Broadway nails are supposed to do a 7 day wear so we will see how they hold out.

Application is as usual, choose nails that best fit your own nail bed, then apply glue to the nail and press on until secure. the tab did make it somewhat more easy, and I did get less glue on my fingers while positioning the false nail in place because of the tab, but it is a bit difficult to get good control just because of the size of the false nail compared to the little tab.
I always find that I start getting the hang of putting them on by nail five, and then I have to use my left hand (when I'm right handed) and lose the ability again... (ppptttthhh sound)

Then I cut the nail down a bit and began filing away like a mad sander. And get to a length and shape am happy with, or alternatively get to a point where I refuse to file away anymore and that's that.

Then I put my base coat on and the colour I wanted, which is from Boots, 17 High Glow Nail Polish in colour Cocoa Berry (I love nail polish names!), it costs £3.49 but I think I got it when it was 3 for 2 anyway. Then I did a top coat, and let my hands pose for pictures.
I Like 17 Nail Polish, the below picture is just one coat so it goes on really well and usually holds well too.
Nice summer colour right??

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