Sunday, 18 April 2010

Not so telescopic 'Telescopic Mascara'

Long time, I know. I could run off a list of excuses but the reasons are personal so...

I stopped at my boyfriends place Friday to Sunday night, and before now I've forgotten basic stuff, like clean underwear, hay fever tablets etc... minor things.
But this weekend I forgot my mascara(!), when I realised I stated forcefully to Daniel (the boyfriend) that he was going to be driving me to a super market so I could buy some mascara (we live about 45minutes apart so going home for my mascara wasn't really optional), he laughed, thinking I was joking, well I wasn't.
While trying to convince him that I was being deadly serious his mum asked what was up, and this is the part where every woman really does have a part of them that understands this kind of stuff, while men really dont.
Having explained she selflessly offered me her mascara to use (which I know your not suppose to do, but it was that or be forced to get a bus to a super market in a town I didn't know because Daniel still thinks am joking) so I use it and we're talking about how vital mascara really is, out of all makeup items, mascara comes in top with concealer for me (what's your must wear makeup?).
Anyway, the point of this whole ramble is that her mascara was L'oreal telescopic, which I would never have just picked up myself in a shop (something about the wand puts me off), but I am defiantly going to now, it works very impressively, giving serious length and isn't bad on the thickening of the lashes either.
So I may have an upcoming haul with this mascara in it, hopefully anyway.

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  1. Welcome back!
    I think I used L'Oreal Telescopic some time last year and found it to be not half bad. Not my fav obviously since I haven't bought it since, but I remember being impressed.
    Hope that whatever the personal reasons aren't too bad.