Tuesday, 4 May 2010

small (But Big) boots haul

These were on the clearance selves in Boots, £1.50 each and I got 10 products out of it, impressive I think.
Number One: A mirror with number 17 logo on the back.
Number Two: A nail file, that has 'a little obsessed with colour!' on it :)
Number Three: Colour 'Tropical Island' which I already have but I like it so, what the heck..
Number Four: A eye pencil, metallic, in the colour 'green', swatched it and its not really green, it's sure pretty though.
(eye pencil swatch on top)
(eye dazzle below, swatch not great representation of it though)
Number Five: An eye dazzle in colour 'all at sea', very nice colour, just hope it is pigmanted and shows when on the eye.
Number Six: Fast Finishing Nail Polish in colour 'Baked Cherry', really excited about using this, I think its going to be gorgeous.
Number Seven: Lip Glaze in colour 'Chic', it gives a golden shimmer to the lips from what little I have tried on so far, would probably be lovely with a bronzed skin tone in summer.
Number Eight: The second thing I am really excited about trying out; I have read some review on number 17 mascaras in general and there is a lot of good feedback so I am getting my hopes up that this product will be impressive enough that in the early hours of tomorrow morning, when I am still partially asleep, I will still go 'woooo'.
Number Nine: Lasting Fix Nail Polish, in colour 'Royal Indigo', I have a nail colour by Rimmel London called 'Perfect Plum' that I love, and is a good enough duplicate for me, except 'Perfect Plum' has a matallic undertone to it and, obviously, is more ''plummy'' and 'Royal Indigo' is a bit darker.
Number Ten: Is 'Glitter' eyeshadow, in colour 'Spirit' and is nice enough for a silver shimmery colour.
All in all, a good days buy, only coming to £4.50, instead of the £30(ish) it would have cost otherwise. Plus I got a cute little bag, and a box that I will also probably keep pointlessly just because I like the design... yes I am a bit of a compulsive hoarder.
Done :)

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